1. To be eligible for ROLS membership as a surveyor with Foreigner citizen

The candidate MUST have submitted in due required time an online Application to ROLS with the following documents:

  • A signed Application letter addressed to ROLS Chairperson;
  • Original payment Slip or Soft copy for application fees of 20 USD with original signature/ Phone number;
  • A copy of ID/Passport;
  • Notarized copy of Degree of at least A0, in Surveying or Geomatics and Transcripts;
  • Notarized of Equivalent Degree of at least A0 in Surveying or Geomatics obtained outside the country of Rwanda;
  • Notarized certification as certified practicing surveyor issued by the professional Institution of Surveyors from her/his country of origin;
  • To be a national of a country which entered into a bilateral agreement authorizing Rwandan nationals to practice such profession in that country;
  • Certified surveyors from the country with East African citizen will pay some Application fees as their counterpart colleagues from Rwanda;
  • Must have a valid working permit issued by Rwanda Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration.

For New Foreign Members to Register, Click Here

1. To renew the period of certification for certified surveyors, Technician surveyors, Aide surveyors and Interns:
  • The validity period of certification is for one year and renewable for all the above three (3) categories of surveyors;
  • The new certificate and Membership card will be delivered to local certified surveyor, Technician surveyors and Aide-surveyors only upon presentation of the original payment receipt of membership equal to 75,000 Frw/Year for certified Graduate surveyors and 50,000 Frw/Year for certified Technician surveyors and 25,000 Rwf/Year for certified Aide surveyors;
  • The new certificate and Membership card will be delivered to foreign certified surveyor only upon presentation of original payment receipt of membership equal to 150 USD/Year;
  • Intern Surveyors will get membership card after presentation of original payment proof of membership fees equal to 10,000 Frw/Year;
  • After being admitted as a corporate/company, the company/corporate is required to pay an annual membership fee amounting to 200,000 Rwf/Year if it is registered as a Local Company and 500 USD/Year if it is registered as a Foreign Company;
  • Those who still have arrears to pay should honor first their previous arrears for membership fees and the membership fees for current year before they get their certificates, stamps, membership cards issued to them;

2. To upgrade a Technician Surveyors A1 subject to be certified as surveyors (A0):
  • The certified Technician Surveyor A1 will be certified as surveyor having A0 after fulfilling a year of working experience with the A0 degree in surveying or Geomatics and at least one year as intern in ROLS. She/he must pay 10,000 Rwf for application fee of upgrading category and submit the technical report with the required successful conditions to be fixed and approved by ROLS EC.

3. Any eligible to ROLS membership and Certification MUST fulfill the following:
  • Fulfill the General requirements and the Specific requirements;
  • Every member who has been admitted to the Intern category must present to the ROLS a certified Surveyor mentoring him/her;

Registration Fees and Membership Fees are Payable through Account no: 401457401510117 (For Rwandan Francs) in the name of ROLS (Rwanda Organization of Land Surveyors) open in BPR Bank Rwanda Plc.